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The Philippine Labor and Employment Plan (LEP) 2011-2016, a sector plan aligned with the Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016, provides the consolidated strategic direction for labor and employment in the medium-term. Launched on 28 April 2011 with the full support of the National Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (TIPC), the LEP represents the shared vision of stakeholders who provided inputs as to priorities and signified commitment to work collectively to bring about inclusive growth through decent and productive work. As the 4th Cycle of the Philippine Decent Work Common Agenda, the LEP supports the Global Jobs Pact by pursuing policy and program measures that will generate employment, extend social protection, respect labor standards and promote social dialogue.

After a year of implementation, the NTIPC thru the National Tripartite Advisory Committee (NTAC) on Decent Work reviewed the first year results of the LEP to monitor progress. The LEP 2011 Progress Report captures the tangible achievements initiated by the tripartite partners across the declared LEP commitments. It also examines the LEP priority action points to be pushed in 2013-2016. To drive breakthrough results, the tripartite partners recognize the need to improve the implementation Plan for 2013-2016 by developing performance indicators that will link programs, projects and activities towards achieving the decent work outcomes set under the LEP.

The process leading to the development of the LEP Results Framework began in 2012 through a learning session workshop aimed at improving the capacities of DOLE and its tripartite partners to develop the LEP Review and Analysis Framework as a preparatory activity towards developing benchmarks for performance monitoring and evaluation of key results under the LEP. The Institute for Labor Studies, with the support of the International Labor Organization has likewise completed the conduct of the workers' and employers' workshops in October 2012, where the groups formulated their outcome indicators and commitments to the LEP Results Framework in line with the project.

To evaluate and validate the formulated DOLE’s organizational outcome indicators committed for the LEP Results Framework during the DOLE Cluster Planning Workshop, a Tripartite Validation Workshop was held on 6-7 June 2013. The activity gathered participants from the different DOLE bureaus, services and attached agencies including social partners comprising the five LEP Pillar Committees: Employment, Rights at Work, Social Dialogue, Social Protection and Sustaining Outcomes.

Acting as workshop chair for the different LEP Pillars were: Bureau of Local Employment (Employment); Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns (Social Protection); Bureau of Working Conditions (Rights at Work); Bureau of Labor Relations (Social Dialogue) and Human Resource Development Service (Sustaining Outcomes).

The Workshop Mechanics, Results Matrices/outputs of the respective LEP Clusters and the list of workshop participants are attached as annexes

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Title:Labor and Employment Plan Results Framework 2013-2016: Tripartite Validation Workshop
:Workers Welfare Research Division

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