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Client Satisfaction Form

The Institute for Labor Studies implements its Quality Management System with the aim of providing innovative, responsible, competent and cutting-edge research and other technical and administrative services to its client. One way of ensuring quality service is to request our clients to provide feedback by filling out the customer satisfaction form below. This form will serve as a feedback mechanism to assess and improve the access to the website and knowledge products of the ILS. Rest assured that all the information you will provide in this form will be treated with confidentiality in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and pertinent data protection protocols of the Institute. Thank you!

You may access the Institute’s Citizen’s Charter through this link:


On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate based on the following aspects below? 
5 -   Strongly Agree; 4 -  Agree; 3 -  Neither Agree nor Disagree; 2 -  Disagree; 1 -  Strongly Disagree

IV. Client Experience: Can you rate your service quality experience in using our website and in downloading our knowledge products through the following criteria:

VI. Comments and Suggestions. As the Institute strives to continuously provide the best possible services to its stakeholders and clients, if you have comments and/or suggestions on how we can improve our services, particularly the access to knowledge products, please feel free to enter them below

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