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Study on the Determinants of Adopting a Hybrid Work Arrangement: The Cases of IT-BPM, Accounting & Finance, and Customer Server Industries

The phrase “The Future is Hybrid” is no longer a  buzzword, but a reality happening all over the  world. In the Philippines, a company that follows  a hybrid work model is a workplace that gives  employees the option to work on-site/in the office  or remotely following a schedule – providing  employees with the flexibility to work wherever  they want to on days that they are not required to  report on-site.

Hence, the study was conducted to explore huge opportunities to evolve and make the right investments to support an effective workforce and efficient implementation of this emerging work arrangement.

Objectives of the Study

The research generally intends to contribute to understanding the determinants of implementing hybrid  work arrangement in the IT-BPM, Accounting and Finance and Marketing sectors. It will fill in knowledge  gaps on the factors and practices enabling or hampering the successful implementation or adoption of  hybrid work arrangement in various sectors/industries.

  • To describe and analyze the employers’ and employees’ motivations for adopting a hybrid work arrangement;
  • To identify good practices of sectors implementing hybrid work arrangement; and
  • To propose models of hybrid work arrangement for other industries.

Researcher: Franchesca Rose S. Castillo

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