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2022 ILS Studies

Policy Opportunities on the Social Protection of Seasonal Worker: The Case of Commercial Sardine Fishing and Canning Factory Industry in Zamboanga Peninsula Region

Income. P16,335 lost income factory workers (Rola,, 2017). P24,336 is lost for three months using the current minimum wage of P338 as estimate

Family. Interpersonal relationship conflicts. Difficulty providing basic needs of family members, especially during special holidays.

Alternative Livelihood. Alternative work through TUPAD. Other jobs within the company. Odd jobs (construction, agriculture, etc)


  • To describe the decent work situation of commercial sardine fishers and canning factory workers, especially during closed fishing season in Zamboanga Region.
  • To assess the available social protection interventions for fishers onboard Philippine-registered commercial sardine fishing vessels and the canning factory workers during closed fishing season in Zamboanga Region.
  • To determine policy opportunities relative to the social protection initiatives for these workers considering the seasonality of their work and precarity of this sector.

Researchers: Frances Camille G. Dumalaog & Malorie Joy O. Mones

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