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2022 ILS Studies

Extending Social Protection For Digital Labor Platform Workers

As digital transformations diffused in business models and workplaces, the world of work has reshaped and introduced changes on where, when and how people work, as well they do.

The introduction of digital labor platforms (e.g., Grab, Upwork, Uber) redefined labor exchange effecting significant implications to work processes and organization.

While platform workers have garnered greater autonomy and income (whether primary or secondary), majority of them have limited to no social protection, leaving them vulnerable to economic shocks and life contingencies.

General Objective:

  • To provide an understanding of the access to and need for adequate social protection systems for digital labor platform workers in the Philippines.

Specific Objective:

  • To provide an overview of how digital labor platform workers are classified and their degree of social protection;
  • To determine the challenges of extending social security to digital labor platform workers; and
  • To present policy options to effectively cover digital labor platform workers in the Philippine context based on international experiences that is still aligned with labor standards.

Researcher: Miraluna S. Tacadao

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