Skills and Compensation Survey for Metallic Mining Industry

The objective of this study is to assess the skills and compensation practices among regular and associate members of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines, with the overall goal of developing a Human Resource Development Roadmap for the mining industry. Using pen-and-paper survey method and validation interviews with HR representatives of mining companies, information continue reading

HRD Roadmap Iron and Steel Industry

Description: According to Republic Act No. 7103 or “An Act to Strengthen the Iron and Steel and Promote Philippine Industrialization and for Other Purpose,” which was enacted in 1991, the iron and steel industry refers to the “preparation, smelting, crushing, soaking, blooming, slabbing, melting, firing, rolling, casting, shaping, plating, galvanizing, and other processes involved in continue reading

Human Resource Development (HRD) Roadmap for Copper and Copper Products

Description: Mining Mining is defined as the exploration, extraction, and processing of minerals such as coal, ore, crude, petroleum, and natural gas. Quarrying, on the other hand, is the extraction of building and monumental stone, clay, sand and gravel, guano gathering, and salt evaporation (National Statistics Office [NSO], 2008). The industry employs four stages, namely, exploration, development and construction, continue reading

Low-skilled Labor Migration: Measuring Migration Costs using CAPI – Philippines

Description: In an effort to reduce distortions to freer mobility of low-skilled labor, the World Bank’s KNOMAD (Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development) program has implemented this research project to collect migration cost data comparable across select migrant corridors to determine how much migrant workers pay to obtain foreign jobs and how migration costs vary across corridors. Results continue reading